47+ Best Food & Restaurant WordPress Themes 2021

Modern agriculture WordPress themes are designed for the best discussion of organic farming business that actually takes care of client’s health and chooses standard ways of production. Organic themes depict fresh veggies and fruit, sunlit fields of wheat and rye, small animal-friendly farms and quality wineries. These themes uncover how incredible exactly what you do is and what does it cost? value it can bring for those who care.

Agriculture may seem an area of life that is far from innovation and modern, busy world. When we think of life on a farm, we see it as calm and measured, with days invested outdoors and evenings enjoyed by the fireplace. This is a perfect vision, nearly a photo from the past in the age of globalization. Modern agriculture is science- and technology-consuming and aims at high productivity, often at cost of our health.

The quality of crops and animals is essential to what we grow is what we eat. The food we consume might empower or restrain our longevity, end up being a basis or a destroyer of our health and happy life. That is why organic farming entered into being and the label “organic” is searched for by every health-conscious consumer. People just want to go back to the times when food was natural and tasted great and consume the products free of genetic engineerings, hormonal agents, pesticides, fertilizers and all that chemical stuff that can be found there.

Thankfully, organic produce has actually not passed away out and is able to fulfill the competition of large corporations. For doing this, it is truly essential that every manufacturer of organic farm products has the ability to plainly send the message about what they offer. And, at present, the very best method to do this is online, as the website will work for you 24/7. Reliable presentation on the internet is what can bring both new clients and new partners and take your company to a new level of success.

In this post, we’ve collected WordPress themes that best show the worth behind organic farming and organic food store. The themes work on the world’s most popular WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and can boast of functionality, user-friendly interface, and visually rich designs.

In order to value something of great importance, you should initially picture your life without that particular thing, or aspect. As humans, we get to take pleasure in the benefits of our own resourcefulness and determination, however, we are far from best.

The fact is that we are on the edge of international change, a change that can not be balanced out, not even by our remarkable problem-solving capabilities. The nature of these changes determines that they can not be reversed, however, they can be prevented. To understand the importance of the environment, we should initially comprehend our luck.

A workout is often proposed: consider entering into space, choose a direction, and begin strolling. For billions upon billions of kilometers, it is the real personification of hell. A cold that would immediately freeze any life, heat that can make our own Sun seem like a snowball. Include that to radiation, and gravity that would actually rip your molecules apart. For a lot of parts, this is our Universe. The reason that we are not subjected to these forces, is since we live in a sanctuary. This Pale Blue Dot as some have called it supports and supplies whatever that we might need, shelters us from harmful energy, and fills our lungs with fresh air.

Nevertheless, even the excellent Earth is somewhat unsteady. It appears everlasting because we only get to live about 80 years or two, however, the truth contradicts our understanding. It is a moving system that varies, and in some cases, the Earth is filled with volcanoes and sulfuric acid, and sometimes it allows for life to flourish. We were lucky enough to catch it in a good mood, however, our heavy commercial activity is destabilizing the system.

About 9 out of 10 researchers agree that our climate is altering, and with these changes comes the possible end of our species expansion. Gases that arise from heavy market trap heat into our environment, logging is eliminating the trees that supply oxygen, and pesticides are killing marine life.

Depending upon who you ask, this has occurred about 5-6 times previously. The phenomena are called mass terminations, as they have managed to erase most of the life in the world. Obviously, we did not trigger those. The Earth was just in one of its moody periods, and in the most well-known termination, a meteor crashed into the planet eliminating our preferred reptiles. Regardless of previous circumstances, felt confident that this time it is our fault. With the exception of a couple of fringe skeptics, many people on Earth think that it is time to alter. The climate is like Humpty Dumpty: Once broken, all the king’s horses and all the king’s guys, cannot put it back together once again.

Nevertheless, many are filled with hope, because the same sharp wit that is sustaining this issue, is also working on preventing it. Scientists and legislators aside, the commoner has also chosen to combat environment change. The benefit of the web is that it gives the common man a voice. People from around the world are banding together and expressing their viewpoints, and supporting what might be considered the supreme cause.

The stakes have actually never ever been greater, however, the very same thing can be stated about our enthusiasm. Be it a professional environmentally friendly company, or a modest resident of the world, platforms on WordPress can give you a voice.

How does it do it? First, it removes the monetary barrier. It is free to establish your account, and the premium features are affordable on even the lowliest of incomes. Second, it puts you on the phase with the biggest players. Real life is filled with paperwork, intricacy and incorrect guarantees. On WordPress, you cannot be silenced or postponed, you simply have to speak.

This right to speak does not ensure that you will be heard. To come back to a previous point, if a WordPress site is your voice, a theme will be your tune. Themes are not easy skins, they are complex toolkits of features, widgets, and plugins that permit you to tailor your page and make it most likely to receive views.

With the redemption of our environment and untold financial opportunity at stake, you actually have all of the rewards you require. That being said, let’s have a look at some incredible WordPress eco-themes made for farmers and organic food stores.


Organico - Organic Farm and Healthy Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme.png

We ‘d like to offer Organico, a Food Market Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme. It is best to sell all sorts of organic and eco and farm products like supermarket, seeds, fresh fruits, coffee, health, restaurant, cosmetics and more!

In addition, this amazing theme is incorporated with WooCommerce, built with Bootstrap and powered by WPBakery Page Builder, numerous plugins with great deals of features such us GDPR Compliant, 360 ° Product Viewer, Multi-Vendors like Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, Off-Canvas Cart, Size and Color Variation Swatches and advanced widgets.

With page builder plugin, you can build your brand-new header, footer and homepage easily. Just some click to include components, drag, drop to alter the component order.

The theme is built with the newest web innovations and SEO enhanced to make it friendly with search engines. We Build is the right option if you want to create expert and genuinely unique eCommerce website with ease.

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FoodFarm – WordPress Theme for Farm, Farm Services and Organic Food Store.png

There are many advantages in selecting the very best farming WordPress theme for your website and among them is that it helps bring in new visitors. It does not matter what kind of food your grow Foodfarm will help you build the very best farming website online and grow your business.

Foodfarm is loaded with 9 pre-made homepages, several headers, and footers, page builder, Slider Revolution, shop page, numerous layout styles, coming quickly page, and shortcodes. Combining these elements gives you a lot of options to make the design special and high quality without editing the code.

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Food Market

Food Market - Food Shop & Grocery Store WordPress Theme.png

Food Market is a dedicated theme for food shops and a large supermarket, organic food markets for farm products and food shipment services. Totally integrated and styled WooCommerce section with extended performance lets you create a powerful online store on your WordPress installation and offer food from your fresh organic market or supermarket.

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GoGreen Organic Food, Farm, Market Business WordPress Theme.png

GoGreen is among the most flexible farming WordPress themes available since it can be used for fresh fruit and vegetables, organic farming, agriculture, farmers’ market, and other food associated websites. GoGreen has actually been in the marketplace for just a couple years and it has actually gradually grown in popularity since.

To impress your visitors GoGreen puts available section separators, over 60 pre-made pages, limitless footer styles, mega menu, page and post options, complete screen and parallax sliders, live search, 5 icon sets, and Google fonts. A comprehensive documentation will walk you through all the features GoGreen has in order to get you began.

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Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm & Eco Products WordPress Theme.png

Dairy Farm is a search engine-friendly WordPress theme that’s designed specifically for dairy, agriculture, cattle, organic and eco-friendly sites. If your website falls under among these categories, you must think about downloading and installing this versatile theme. Compatible with all significant web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome, it streamlines the otherwise tiresome and complicated process of developing a website.

Dairy Farm supports boxed and large layouts, both of which are mobile friendly. Other features of this HTML5- and CSS3-validated theme consist of multiple header styles, slider options, WPBakery Page Builder, media supervisor, WooCommerce assistance, custom shortcodes and more. And unlike other themes that are disregarded by their developer, Dairy Farm is constantly being upgraded to guarantee the greatest level of performance.

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Organic Store – Organic Fruit Vegetables Store WordPress Theme.png

Naturix organic store is designed for Organic Store, Food market, Online food, natural products. It includes 4 web page and numerous inner pages. Naturix WordPress version is built with Bootstrap v3 and it’s fully evaluated with WordPress 4.9 and Woocommerce 3.x.

Suitable for all modern internet browsers and devices. Fully responsive with all devices, mobile, tablet, and desktop, laptop computer. It will provide you the best easy to use experience. We carry out here clean and valid code.

The theme features and its various options give you an amazing opportunity to communicate with your customers.

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Krausser's | Cattle Farm & Produce Market WordPress Theme.png

It is a responsive theme with minimalist design specifically developed for farm and food market business online. The current version of this theme is “KraussersFarm”, which has loads of features and customization option for Healthy product markets, agricultural business, and so on.

The useful layouts and instinctive visual user interface of this theme look great on any platform. It has simple set up composers such as PO author, visual composer, essential grid, transformation slider and a number of premium plugins.

The theme supports optimization of mobile phone and its scrolled areas support swipe impact. It has latest single demo installation, short-codes, is SEO optimized with unique settings option.

It also has media content supervisor, comprehensive paperwork and free assistance and updates.

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Green Farm

Green Farm - Organic Food Farm & Eco Food Store WordPress Theme.png

Green Farm is the best WordPress theme for organic farm website or a regional fresh market. Healthy organic food is a mainstream now, and any green agriculture business needs an online grocery store or at least a website to showcase organic products, eco vegetable and fruit they grow.

WooCommerce area has a fresh looking design and lets you create an organic food store or an organic shop, to offer farm-grown, eco-organic products online. Organic and healthy food is now a mainstream, and this Organic Food Farm theme will let you be on top of it.

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Food Stuff

Food Stuff - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme.png

Food Stuff is WordPress e-commerce theme based on WooCommerce plugin. It is suitable for food, veggies, restaurants, fresh market, sports, precious jewelry, and accessories store. It is also a multipurpose theme which can be used for any type of online store. Food Stuff WooCommerce theme is looking good with it’s clean and fresh design. All sub pages are personalized.

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Veggie | Vegetable and Fruit Shop WordPress Theme.png

The Veggie supper market WordPress theme is made specifically to sell all sorts of organic, eco and farm products like grocery shops, vegetable shops, fruits shops, organic food, online food marts and more! With a variety of theme demos customized to different principles, it’s very easy to find a theme near your task and start hacking on it!

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Umberto - Mushroom Farm & Organic Products Store WordPress Theme.png

Umberto is a responsive, clean & fresh Mushroom Farm & Organic Products Store WordPress Theme. It has a modern design developed particularly for Mushroom Farm services Business.

With great deals of personalized features, the theme can be also interesting for healthy food retailers company, organic farmers company, farmer’s markets company, business company, food blog and agriculture business bureau.

Umberto theme is WooCommerce Ready, so it’s a perfect option for online stores/ shops selling organic products for healthy living.

The theme has an intuitive visual interface and useful layout that looks fantastic on any platform because it’s fully responsive and Retina all set. Having fantastic page builder incorporated, Umberto permits developing tons of your own page layouts! Umberto works with a package of premium plugins: Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, WPBakery Page Builder and PO Composer to make it simple for you to setup and run your Mushroom Farm website.

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Beelove is a lovely & trendy Honey Production & Online Store WordPress Theme. It has responsive, modern & practical design produced particularly for Honey Production Company and Beekeeping website. With lots of personalized features, Beelove is an ideal solution for Food Producers shop, Suppliers, and Organic Stores, Agriculture, Farm and Healthy Products Markets.

The theme has a user-friendly visual interface and helpful layout that looks terrific on any platform since it’s totally responsive and Retina ready. Having fantastic page builder integrated, Beelove enables to create tons of your very own page layouts! We made the theme WooCommerce ready and provided it with a respective shop design.

Beelove is compatible with a bundle of premium plugins: Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, WPBakery Page Builder and PO Composer to make it easy for you to setup and manage your Honey Production website.

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Ecotree – Organic Food, Fruit & Vegetables Products WP Template.png

Ecotree is a brand-new kind of Theme. In a couple of words, it is the most effective, simple to utilize versatile E-Commerce WordPress theme has been intentionally built for the organic food, organic shop and organic farm industry. Developers has built Ecotree in order to let the user have the possibility to modify and control every part of their site, and this is actually simple.

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Groci - Organic Food and Grocery Market WordPress Theme.png

Groci is a modern, vibrant organic food and grocery WordPress theme. Groci is fully customizable. You have the control over your website because the theme presents simple but comprehensive options including change colors, fonts and more for its clients.

Create your own organic food grocery store website hassle-free today! Start with Groci.

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Hereford - An Agriculture and Organic Food Theme.png

Hereford is a fantastic agriculture and organic food WordPress theme. Craft an exquisite website with Hereford today and gorgeously display everything your lovely farm has to offer!

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Farmvilla - Organic Food WordPress Theme.png

Farmvilla is a clever and sturdy, sophisticated and modern, vibrant and youthful, fresh-faced and extremely responsive WordPress organic food website theme.

This theme is very much a theme for modern times, deploying a series of exceptionally cutting-edge tools that make the website design and creation procedure a highly approachable job that will take you mere minutes to finish, with smooth, impeccably performed visual stylings and functional aspects that will amaze and engage your visitors, while needing absolutely no previous coding abilities or experience from you.

Farmvilla is packed with effectiveness, from the practical inclusion of the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider premium slider and Ultimate Addons for VC plugins, Farmvilla is a customization powerhouse with a totally visual user interface and a spectacular admin panel chock-full of sophisticated options and customization categories for you to fiddle with.

Fantastic out of package WooCommerce functionality makes Farmvilla a natural salesman, best for organic grocers, food providers or organic catering services to quickly market their products to a huge online audience, and packaged with time-saving page templates such as the Products, the Recipe plugin to add dishes to each of your particular products, and far more.

Try Farmvilla today!

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Nutritious – WooCommerce WordPress for Drink Theme.png

Nutritious has numerous unique and creative designs for us. Undoubtedly, it’s will be great experiences! Since the organic food and fruit store is designed perfectly for sites and mobile applications. Especially, there are more options for you to quickly manage inning accordance with your business or your suitable.

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Perennial - Store WooCommerce WordPress for Organic Food Theme.png

Perennial has many unique and creative designs for people. Definitely, it’s will be great experiences! Due to the fact that, the organic food and fruit store is designed completely for websites and mobile applications. Especially, there are more options for you to easily handle according to your business or your ideas.

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Superfood – A Vibrant Theme for Organic Food and Health Products.png

Superstore organic food and tea shop theme was created with high energy colors and youthful animations.

A theme for your organic food and health product business. From bakeshops and restaurants to grocery and organic cosmetic stores, Superfood has you covered.

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Farmland - Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress.png

Farmland Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme is the best theme for you to sell all sorts of organic and eco-farm products like food, fruits, fresh vegetable, cosmetics, seeds, vegetarian food, coffee, and cake or flower shop. With 2 particular homepages will help you create a friendly view with consumers at the very first appearance. The whole of the website is a green color of healthy fruit & tasty vegetable together with enough awesome impacts of premade elements, that make visitors feel really fresh to take pleasure in.

A remarkable fact and undoubtedly all individuals make sure. The theme is well structured, clean code and fast loading guarantee a smooth user experience for all visitors. Besides, it is totally optimized for Speed, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Optimized, Highly Conversion Rate Optimization and Unlimited Customize.

Any longer! Farmland integrates a clean design and a highly powerful backend interface that is very user-friendly and easy to utilize. One Click demo tool helps admin to import information content more quickly which save time. Some required plugins are integrated such as King Composer, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, Product Filter, RTL Language Supported, Loco Translate. All these amazing features will create a perfect & fascinating website for your store! You must check the detailed documentation and if fulfill any issues, always remember to contact developers at themeforest.

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Organic Food

Organic Food - Nutritionist & Food WordPress Theme.png

The Organic Food theme has 9 live demos and they’re all stunning. You can use this theme as a nutritionist, a food delivery service, health coach, fitness blog writer, a grocery store, and even a cooking school. The visual completely compliments the health industry and its flexibility makes it functional for a range of niches within that area.

Exactly what’s amazing about the Organic Food theme is that it has numerous personalized templates therefore many are made particularly for health and nutrition. You can showcase foods and include their calories and macro-nutrients, you can supply a sneak peek of your cooking class, market a totally free meal plan, or showcase your services. Throughout all the different variations, Organic Food keeps a constant style and beauty that makes whatever you publish look good.

Organic Food can be used for a blog but will be more reliable for a business. It has lots of templates and elements for getting visitors to signup and transform into customers. Regarding the versatility, you can customize the typography, colors, header design, and global layout options. In general, it’s a great option for anyone in the health and nutrition niche.

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Organic Store

Organic Store - Organic & Eco Products WordPress Theme.png

This food and eco products theme is colorfully designed, which is suitable for a healthy food blog, agro-tourism, organic farm, bakery and all that you desire. The theme looks fantastic on any platform given that it’s responsive and retina prepared. It has extraordinary useful layouts, with an integration of complete shop woo-commerce plug-in. Other features of this theme include; assistance if sticky menus, fontello icons, responsive web designs, comprehensive documents, flexible option for selecting colors for your website and is simple to personalize.

Added it has drag & drop page builder, video slider, loads of short-codes, SEO optimized, supports multi-language and last but not least it offers a great support group. This theme is perfect for your farming business.

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GreenMart – Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme.png

GreenMart is an Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme that is flexible and adjustable for setting and changing any aspects within minutes by means of Powerful Theme Options, you also can personalize Google fonts without code extremely easy and simple.

GreenMart can be used for numerous of purpose, specifically built for Food & Organic Online Store. GreenMart is totally compatible with all the SEO standard that helps your business to have a high score search on Google Search. Every page of GreenMart is totally responsive, so it can be seen easily no matter of various screen devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile. All that makes your consumers have intriguing shopping experiences.

Are you a farmer? Are you a planter? Do you like all things from nature? And you want to bring your best products to clients? The answer for all of these concerns is GreenMart that features 4+ organic niches. It’s easy to build, flexible to use for everybody.

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Vincente's | Organic Food Restaurant WordPress Theme.png

Vincente’s is a responsive Organic Food Restaurant WordPress Theme with the clean design developed to organic cafes and restaurants, organic farming, healthy food blog, anything you want in an organic and healthy consuming area! With great deals of adjustable features, the theme is a perfect option for eco products producers and online stores offering organic products for healthy living.

Vincente’s has an intuitive visual interface and useful layout that looks fantastic on any platform because it’s completely responsive and Retina ready. This theme will let you showcase your restaurant’s menu in a stunning method. This includes categorization, recipes, nutrition details etc), thanks to the integration of the custom post format.

The theme allows developing lots of your own page layouts due to WPBakery Page Builder compatibility. We made the theme WooCommerce all set and provided it with a respective shop design to allow you to sell online.

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Orgafresh – Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme.png

Orgafresh is a professional minimalist WooCommerce theme for shopping online stores. Orgafresh will make your online store look more excellent and attractive to audiences. With this WooCommerce theme, you can use it for a great deal of e-commerce website such as an organic store.

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Agricom - Agriculture & Organic Food WordPress Theme Pack.png

Agricom can be the ideal WordPress theme for companies planning to broaden and promote their farming business online. Agricom has some superior features that we need to speak about starting with its included page builder and premium slider.

These 2 features will offer you the chance to build amazing layouts for your pages that will definitely leave a great impression on your visitors.

Some other features Agricom has are price tables, shop page, typography options, video and parallax background, one-click update, one page and multi-page designs, and much more. Try Agricom now!

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Orga Farm

Orga Farm - Organic Food, Organic Farm WordPress Theme.png

Orga Farm will offer your website a beautiful, clean, and nature-inspired appearance combined with interactive design elements that will get the attention of your audience.

Apart from its design, Orga Farm also has indispensable features like a responsive layout, 85 handcrafted elements, incorporated page builder, sliders, WooCommerce, and events calendar, 5 blog types, 9 portfolio styles, custom contact page, and lightbox videos. Using these elements you will craft a modern and distinctive design for your company’s website. Get up and running with Orga Farm!

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Selena - Organic Food Store Theme for WooCommerce WordPress.png

Selena is described as an organic food store WordPress theme for selling goods online. For that reason, if you’re preparing to launch a website selling this type of product, you ought to definitely have a look at the pre-built Selena content. Thanks to the complete WooCommerce plugin support, you’ll have access to all the e-commerce features needed to begin selling online with the Selena theme.

Selena is the advanced theme with features that make WordPress a lot more powerful. With green is the main color and white background and black text, this WordPress theme brings a bright feeling and neat structure. Daily Deal module makes clients concentrate on discount rate products with a countdown timer which is styled magnificently. New, featured, random, bestseller, on sale, are displayed in Products Slider and Product Tabs Slider module.

Selena WordPress Theme is an ideal store focused on offering organic products such as cosmetics, food, dietary food, dietary beverages. Selena is the gorgeous and completely responsive template.

You also show products of each category in each tab with Category Tabs Slider module. The address of your store will be directed precisely through Google Maps incorporated in Contact Us page.

You have lots of advertisement form such as Banner Slideshow with big images, effects and useful text, Blog with posts, Testimonial. Blog and Testimonial are convenient tools to connect you with customers. Google Rich Snippets, Related Products Slider and Upsell Products Slider are incorporated in Product page to enhance your sales.

Selena theme is probably a great choice for your store!

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Balloon | Organic Farm & Food Business WordPress Themes.png

Considering a new theme for your WordPress blog or website? Look no more than Balloon from the Organic Store.

Balloon is a simple yet compelling theme with easy-to-read but beautiful options to support your products and brand. This totally pre-designed theme is perfect for anybody ready to insert their info right into the web page, but it is also easily personalized to accommodate any of your website needs. You can add plugins, change menus, and do virtually anything you desire with this stunning, functional theme.

Eliminate the requirement for coding and software skills, buy Balloon today and boost your website tenfold.

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Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop - Organic Food, Natural RTL Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme.png

Fruit Shop is a Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme with WooCommerce Webshop integration that offers you a wide range of simple to use customization options and features. It is ideal to offer all sorts or organic and eco and farm products like food, fruits, cosmetics, seeds, fruits, coffee and more!

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Oakville - Organic Food, Agriculture, Farm Services and Beauty Products WP Theme.png

Oakvile WordPress theme established particularly for all types of organic products related to farms, farmer, food retail, food company, organic food, seed, fruits, etc Oakvile is a professional responsive site template coded with Bootstrap framework.

The template features a creative homepage design layouts, responsive and 15+ legitimate HTML files. The design is really elegant and modern, and also really simple to customize with 1170px grid.

We hope so you will feel happy with them. It is suitable for Agricultural Business, Food, Farm, Organic Food Product shop, Organic Farm, Bakery, Organic Beauty Stores, Shops of Natural Cosmetics and Organic Skincare Treatments website and similar sites. Build your very own website with our Awesome Template! Please check more details listed below.

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Flavours Fruit Store, Organic Food Shop WooCommerce Theme.png

Flavours is a responsive WordPress WooCommerce theme which helps you to make the most from utilizing WooCommerce to power your online store. The design is well suited for Electronics Store, fashion store, clothing store & a lot more.

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Organic Food

Organic Food – Farm & Food Business Eco WordPress Theme – Just another Eco WordPress Theme.png

As far as WordPress theme names go, you cannot truly get more detailed than this. Obviously, the Organic Food skin enables you to tailor and enhance your website. It does not matter if you are selling ingredients yourself, or merely supporting an advice column for those that want to live healthily. Be it Organic blogging, shops or farms, this theme has all the necessary coding and features in order to eliminate the extremely principle of mediocrity from your website.

For each possible market niche that Organic Food may fulfill, they have actually produced demo websites. Utilizing these, you will have the ability to get a basic concept of such a page needs to appear like. When it comes to customization, you can either go back to square one or modify one of these existing demos. You can use the very informative video tutorials included this product if you’re not knowledgeable about page creation. For a lot more information, you can take a look at the in-depth paperwork and the premium support online forum feature. This theme covers every commonly asked concern, so simply search all you desire.

On the visual side of things, this theme includes Parallax background videos, complete screen photos, luring animations and some really stylish typography. The developers included a visual composer, together with the WooCommerce plugin and full translation abilities. In general, this is a great theme that is deserving of your attention.

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Green Farm

Green Farm – Organic Food & Eco Farm WP Theme.png

Green Farm is the best WordPress theme for organic farm website or a local fresh market. Healthy organic food is a mainstream now, and any green agriculture business needs an online food store or a minimum of a website to showcase organic products, eco vegetable and fruit they grow.

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Organici - Organic Store & Bakery WooCommerce Theme.png

Orangici was designed for organic and health food stores but can be adapted to pastry shops, farms, and more. Six thoroughly crafted homepages, each boasting a special design, are supplied to pick from. This was the very popular WordPress food theme on the ThemeForest market in 2015, and will no doubt continue being a popular product throughout 2017.

Efficiency is fast and the user experience is state-of-the-art. The theme is mobile-ready and high-resolution, for hd display screen and retina devices. Mobile phones, tablets, desktops, whatever ya got. Options are provided through Live Customizer, so you can brand and modify the aspects, seeing the modifications in real-time, which is a handier feature than you may picture if you intend on doing customizations and branding. It also supports mega menus.

Unsurprisingly, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are packaged. Orangici is translation all set and regularly upgraded. A great value total!

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Fresh - Food and Restaurant WooCommerce WordPress Theme.png

The developers of Fresh took a minimalistic technique to its design. The theme is intense, easy going and makes excellent use of present website design trends. Subtle CSS animations and a few stylish flourishes include a bit of visual interest, helping the design to stand out and make a strong impression. We also believe the icon-based menu is quite cool.

This theme uses King Composer for its visual page building functionality rather of the more typical VC. Users can easily create and handle brand-new layouts without touching any code whatsoever. And customization options are integrated with WordPress Live Customizer. You can change colors, fonts, backgrounds, and logo designs and see the results in real-time. There are header footer designs to choose from too.

The theme is built on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework, completely responsive, and SEO friendly. The consisted of demo content and one-click setup guarantees worry-free established.

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ORGANIC | Organic Farm & Food Business WordPress Theme.png

Organic is a clean, modern, practical and user-friendly responsive parallax WordPress theme that has been intentionally built for the organic food, organic shop and organic farmers market and comes with many useful inbuilt functions, which makes Organic theme easy to use and highly customizable.

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Organic Web Shop

Organic Web Shop - Maindemo - A responsive WooCommerce & WordPress Theme.png

If you are looking for a great WordPress eco theme that consists of an unrestricted color scheme and substantial theme options, look no more than Organic Web Shop. The price of this theme is reasonable, especially when you consider the $46 of free plugins that you will get. You will learn that it deserves the price. It’s perfect for setting up your online shop, motivating trust in your prospective customers.

The developers added a currency converter, reducing the discomfort of transforming exchange rates. However, cultural compatibility is not limited to currency. Thankfully, Organic Web Shop provides multilingual assistance, features that can include translations of your content, so that non-English speaking audiences can browse what you need to offer. After all, the internet is the only medium that has the perspective to generate a truly international marketplace.

You can view the live preview and the screenshots of this theme. You also have the option to visit the designer’s website or follow their activity on ThemeForest. For the veterans of the WordPress community, the term WooCommerce will not be a foreign one. It is a flexible and adaptable plugin, the thing that makes online shops possible. It’s not that it is the only option for commercial plugins, but individuals trust it.

Your visitors will be more likely to buy things from your site if the plugin WooCommerce is installed. An assistance online forum was included, and although it can be a little slower than a direct email or voice direct support line, it does the job. This theme is also fully responsive.

You can show your content in high quality on any device without any noticeable loss of filling time or resolution.

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Oars - Creative Organic Store & Fresh Food WordPress Theme.png

Oars is totally Responsive and Retina Ready WordPress theme best suited for presenting organic food store online. Oars is totally powered by WooCommerce, the most popular e-Commerce platform for WordPress.

Given that it is responsive, the layout will adjust to different screen sizes which will make your website work with any device such as cell phones, tablets or desktop computers.

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Organica - Organic, Beauty, Natural Cosmetics, Food, Farn and Eco WordPress Theme.png

Organica is committed to helping you create a website concentrated on healthy living, whether that’s through a workout, wellness, or food and beverage.

The various website demo designs of Organica all share a clean and modern look but are various adequate to provide you genuine option when setting up your WordPress website.

The capability to sell products from your website will be available in handy for anyone searching for a food and beverage e-commerce WordPress theme.

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Vegan Food

Vegan Food - Organic Store - Farm Responsive Woocommerce WordPress Theme.png

Vegan Food is a neat and responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme ideal for any type of food, veggie Shop, makeup products or comparable sites that requires a feature rich and stunning presence online with a classy and flexible design.

Next to many features, this theme is an ideal template for leaving a positive impression on your clients.

Vegan Food theme support you with lots of great tools to make it possible for the features by means of utilizing Theme Options, you also can personalize Google fonts without code really easy and basic.

Lastly, each and every single component of in Vegan Food is totally responsive, as content can be viewed from desktop and mobile devices.

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Madang - Healthy Food Delivery Nutrition WordPress Theme.png

Madang is a stunning theme and it’s made particularly for food shipment services. However, it can be repurposed to offer any nutrition-related items. It will work best for anybody with a range of products to offer, however not for services or single product sites.

This diet and fitness theme incorporates WooCommerce for all of its eCommerce functionality. On the product grid pages, visitors can use a search bar or filters to find the right products. They can sort by category, tags, or even by a calorie range– quite remarkable, best!?

Because Madang has such a narrow focus on food and healthy consuming, it’s got a few touches that make it really unique. The product archives can display the calories and macro-nutrient breakdown of each product, users can also filter based on their diet plan goals, and you can publish stunning meal plans using only food stocked on your website. This could be utilized for a supplement routine too.

If Madang looks like it might fit your needs, you have to check it out. It’s a truly superior theme which’s why clients are ranking it a full 5-stars over and over again.

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NaturaLife | Health & Organic WordPress Theme.png

NaturaLife is a highly adjustable WordPress theme created for all type of nature, health, organic food, and beauty sites. Complete your project much faster with NaturaLife’s numerous completely personalized home pages and many sub pages.

Install, tailor, create easily with the included powerful tools without touching a code– with no extra expense.

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VG iFoody

VG iFoody - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme.png

VG iFoody is a clean, modern, functional and user-friendly responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme that has been intentionally built for the organic food, organic shop and organic farm industry.

The theme permits you to pick in between the different homepage demos (8 distinct homepage demos) we have actually developed for each type of organic food, shop or farm industry. Or you can create your personal style to match your organic business.

Packed with every premium WordPress plugin you will ever need: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Product Carousel, Post Carousel, you will have your organic business website up and running within days.

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Organisk - Multipurpose Organic WooCommerce Theme.png

Organisk is a Multipurpose Organic Store WooCommerce Theme is completely designed for an online organic store with various types of organic products as organic food, veggies, fruit, bakery and other organic products.

Organisk is a new inspiration in the organic industry with shop homes following grocery store styles. The brand-new and trendy design makes the theme stand out among others and permits users building up and managing their organic stores quickly through the stores consist of too many types of organic products.

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Organie - An Organic Store, Farm, Cake and Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme.png

Organie newest upgrade featured some unbelievable brand-new features that took this theme to an entire brand-new level. You can now utilize among 14 homepages, multiple header designs, flexible shop designs, blog options, pre-made single post, gallery designs, about us pages, svg icons, countdowns, cool fonts, shortcodes, and banners.

These features clearly suggest that Organie is a powerful and useful farming WordPress theme that will put the focus on your products!

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AmyOrganic - Organic and Healthy Theme for WordPress.png

AmyOrganic is a completely responsive WordPress theme designed for organic products shop, organic farm, organic blog, whatever you desire for an organic website.

AmyOrganic with the exceptional design, excellent features, specifically easy to use and customize will instantly touch your expectation.

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