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Adsense Arbitrage: Ads Arbitrage Strategy that Works in 2021

Welcome digital marketer,

I suppose you’re here to make more money with your website and increase your Adsense income.

If that’s the case, you’re welcome to learn about an online advertising method, used by top digital marketers & agencies.


What is AdSense Arbitrage?

With a correctly set Adsense arbitrage strategy, you can earn more money with Adsense and other ads on your website, than you spend on getting the web traffic to your website.


Does AdSense arbitrage work in 2021?

Absolutely yes! As more and more people start using the internet worldwide, and the time spent on web increases, there are more advertisers and people to advertise to. You as a marketer or website owner, you can make a fortune in 2021 doing Adsense arbitrage.


How hard is it to achieve profitability with the Adsense arbitrage method?

The Adsense arbitrage strategy isn’t so complicated, but you need 3 things to be highly optimized.


So, what do you need to do the Adsense arbitrage profitably?

  1. A special WordPress theme with high ads ctr
  2. Cheap web traffic
  3. Entertaining and interesting articles

And also,

  1. An AdSense account
  2. $150 to get started


What theme is the best for AdSense arbitrage? And why do you need a special, ad-focused theme with high ads CTR?

Your website, in order to earn well with AdSense, and with other display ads in general, it has to be ultra-clean, with focus on your ad spots. Average WordPress themes aren’t meet these requirements.


Because you need to point your user’s attention to these exact spots: your AdSense ads and your content.

Nothing else.

No fancy design elements, or other distractions.

Why a general magazine theme from ThemeForest or other theme shops isn’t good for AdSense arbitrage?

Because you have to avoid these huge mistakes at all costs, many marketers and website owners fall in at the beginning…


A bad WordPress theme for AdSense has:

  • Animations (slows down your website, and people tend to have a really short attention span while browsing)
  • Too many colors, fancy design elements (99% of themes has useless parts, which you have to cut off, in order to have a high-performing Adsense website)
  • Huge headers and footers (laggy menus with images and a lot of stuff, are the best way to get your visitor’s eye’s away from your content filled with ads)
  • Hundreds of theme options (while some of you like to spend days cleaning a theme, removing all the unnecessary, annoying features, trying to tweak the website so it fits for the Adsense Arbitrage method… but it takes days to set up, and weeks to analyze if it performs well. The smart ones start with a clean, optimized theme for ads CTR, made especially for AdSense arbitrage)


A good WordPress theme for Adsense has:

  • Clean, minimalistic design (it makes people consume your content and ads right away, instead of wasting time on design elements)
  • Simple navigation (fast user experience)
  • Paginated articles (one long article sliced to 10 pages makes people see more ads, and highly increase your chance to get your ads clicked)
  • It’s optimized for ads (has ad locations with high ads ctr for Adsense arbitrage, located strategically)
  • In-build ad spots (the location of your ads matters, can turn your website into profit or failure)
  • Tested for high traffic (half a million unique visitors per day and 6 million page views per day)
  • Fewer options, impossible to break the ads ctr (go for great CTR at the start and earn well, instead of testing ad locations and losing money)
  • Optimized for mobile viral traffic (most of the responsive themes on the market, has small in-built buttons, fonts, navigations, making it hard to navigate through the website and read the content)


So, where do you find the best theme for AdSense arbitrage?

I’ll share it at the end of this article.

But for now, keep reading.

There are 2 other important steps you can’t skip, but you have to get it right to make money with the AdSense arbitrage model.


Get cheap website traffic in 2021

Cheap web traffic is a must-have.

You’ll need, either free traffic, let say from SEO (search engine optimization traffic), or from social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

If you already have a fan base, that’s great, because in this case, you can drive 100% free website traffic to your AdSense arbitrage website.

The other way, most marketers and webmasters utilize, it’s the paid traffic.

You can get cheap paid traffic from various ad networks, blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, even from influencers or marketers with email lists.


Cheap Native Ads website traffic with the lowest CPC for Adsense arbitrage


Alert: Block bot traffic, if it occurs

I have to mention that from time to time some percentage of native web traffic is coming from bots (1-5%).

To prevent bot web traffic, you can create blacklists and whitelists, or stop and analyze your campaign. 

Using Google Analytics you can detect bot traffic by looking for unnatural behaviors: no additional page views, many visitors from the same region/IPs.


Cheap web traffic for Adsense sites (push notification & popunder)


Social network ads for cheap web traffic


Which are the best ad locations for Adsense arbitrage getting the highest ads CTR?

Tips for best ad locations will be added very soon. Check back later.


How to write viral articles?

Which your visitors will read all the way through? A good content creator can write sharable articles. Think of ViralNova, Buzzfeed type articles. Those are the ones with the highest share count, almost every article goes viral. These are the 3 main tips on creating content that can go viral:

  • Cathy thumbnails (include a face, emotion, some sort of action/movement)
  • Interesting headlines (good copywriting)
  • Lovely, cute, scary, shocking images

This article about AdSense arbitrage will be continued in the upcoming days… don’t forget to check back later. If you think it was useful for you, share it with your friends. If you got a question, or have an opinion, your experiments with web traffic, AdSense, and earning with a website in general, write a comment below to contact others being in the same boat as we are. You can contact the author here.


Here’s the theme with a high ctr made for AdSense arbitrage.

Best AdSense arbitrage theme

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