37 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes 2021

Creating the ideal website for your restaurant has never been easier, especially with the free options you can research in our set of the restaurant WordPress themes below. However, right now we want to concentrate on the free restaurant themes, so read on to find out more about the very best solutions. Feel free to bookmark this page if you are considering opening a restaurant in the future or if you are a developer who works with a variety of restaurants.

If you’re looking to have a professional and top notch looking restaurant website, you should check out our collection of the best paid restaurant themes here.

The days when peoples see the restaurant without knowing about the restaurant has gone. Food lovers nowadays like to find out more about the restaurant before they make a trip. They like to find out more about food selections recipes, food costs, restaurant environment, services offered, days & openings hours and so forth.

In order to deliver this information to restaurant customers having an online presence is important. You might choose to build a custom website for a restaurant but wait this can end up being quite pricey. Without investing a penny, I promise you that you may create a restaurant website which looks like thousands of dollar was spent upon it. I am not kidding go to the below themes and you’ll understand it.

Restaurant websites need to have a certain appeal. Their focus must be on the appeal of the foods! If you’re searching for a theme that unites striking appeal with performance EaterShop is the theme for you.

If you are interested in a fashionable and clean restaurant theme, and you do not need to pay any money for this, we recommend checking out the Belise Lite theme. It is great for restaurants, but we can not envision casual places with no trouble with it. The theme features plenty of space. As an example, the header region has a background where you can place your restaurant’s telephone number and social networking links. There’s also a menu for sending people to different pages such as an internet shop, About page, or the menu. The theme has for uploading your logo, a customized logo area, and the homepage comes with a gorgeous header image with header text to say something about the menu or restaurant. The food menus also appear incredible, letting you insert pricing and pictures. This food menu works with the Jetpack plugin.

The cool part is that a number of the free themes listed below offer updates to receive much better features. You have the chance to unlock premium restaurant themes for about $50 for each theme. Everything depends on the kind of website you are trying to run. Some people are comfortable setting up a restaurant website and seeing how it goes. Other people want to get down to business and establish their own new website as a hub for customers to come to and book reservations, read blog posts, share on social networking and chat with customers.

If you’ve got a fantastic restaurant website then it’s likely that the website will bring the potential customers directly to your restaurant table before you. He/she will consume the food that you offer and you’ll make money. Sounds interesting? Alright, let’s do it. Trying to make an internet presence for your website can be tough but if you select WordPress theme this shouldn’t be hard.

People will search for restaurants frequently in a mobile. So, if you’re a restaurant owner ensure that your website is responsive, so each page on your website is displayed well. This makes all information is viewable and readable in mobile.

If you walk down the street in your hometown you are bound to discover new restaurants opening and older restaurants closure. It is a business, but the world wide web has made it easier to connect with your customers. Actuality, you do not even have to be a website developer to establish your own fully functional website. Is just one of our free restaurant themes and you are well on your way.

It works somewhat like a blog, in which you design a page for each event, then the event’s details are shown at a feed on the homepage. What’s more, the Belise Lite theme gives a portfolio which also integrates with Jetpack. I’m not certain what a restaurant would utilize a portfolio for, but you may consider sharing all kinds of images from inside the restaurant. For selling customers it does not necessarily have to be. The contact type integration ensures that you remain in touch with all your customers, while the customizer is guaranteed to improve the design procedure. The theme allows just if you have patrons who speak different languages.

Restau Lite


The Restau Lite WordPress theme has a darker, more intimate design to it, and we like it a fair bit for high-end restaurants. In truth, the atmosphere state by the theme may really simulate the dimmed lights of an Italian or Argentine restaurant. To the top of the homepage, you’ll discover social networks buttons for getting in touch with customers on locations like Facebook and Twitter. The menu is near the top of the website also, where you can create menu products for a gallery, food menu, and blog. The logo design measurements are rather big, so you must consider this free theme if you ‘d like to see the logo design use up a considerable part of the header. Behind that, you can submit a background picture of your restaurant or perhaps a strong color. The food menu supports whatever from food to beverages, and it has numerous options for publishing images. There’s also a lovely gallery for including images and immediately seeing them arranged on your website.

The blog on the Restau Lite theme looks quite remarkable also. It’s well formatted and utilizes included images to its complete capacity. Customized colors are readily available on the backend of the theme. For that reason, if you ‘d rather more whitespace on your website, or you wish to match the website colors to your logo design, that’s totally possible. The Restau Lite theme features 2 columns, however, you can cut that down to one if you ‘d like more of a scrolling, one-page format. The threaded remarks lie listed below each article, offering your readers a location to reveal their viewpoints. You’ll also discover some translation settings and complete language assistance. Among the factors, we like this free theme is due to the fact that of the full-width template. Not all free themes have templates like this, however, you can make more of a landing page with the Restau Lite theme.

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Eaterstop Lite


Restaurant sites need to have a specific appeal. Their primary focus needs to be on the visual appeal of their meals! If you’re trying to find a theme that integrates striking visual appeal with performance, then EaterShop is the free theme for you.

A complete screen slider on the homepage provides you adequate area to showcase spectacular images of the mouthwatering meals your restaurant serves. Aside from the slider, the homepage also provides you a slot to show your unique menu for today, best for restaurant’s whose customer acquisition happens mainly online.

This free theme also features the option to show all menu products, total with images, prices and a brief description for visitors. Like many restaurant themes, EaterShop has social buttons and a full-width menu. Nevertheless, something that sets this free theme apart from the competitors is that has customer testimonials, a gallery, an area to feature the chefs and running overalls of turning points attained by the restaurant.

For a free theme, Eatershop boggles the mind! It has whatever you might ever think about and more. This free theme is certainly worth having a look at if you wish to create a sleek restaurant website on WordPress!

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Yummy is the name, so it should be great for restaurants! However exactly what’s really great is that the Yummy restaurant WordPress theme has a sophisticated design with a number of features that make it a lot easier for restaurant supervisors to obtain more customers online. To begin, the theme focuses a fair bit on big images. The header uses up the majority of the page, which leads into rather of an overlaying included image that you can utilize to match a paragraph of text about your website and restaurant. The free theme is quickly personalized, so you do not need to be an expert developer to make it look quite. In addition, it’s entirely free so it will not harm your spending plan. The Yummy free theme looks great on mobile phones, much like it does on routine computer system screens. It supplies all sorts of features such as the WooCommerce combinations for offering products online. With WooCommerce you can run your very own little online shop and gather payments from customers online. Yummy also offers numerous widgets, a few of which are great for discussing aspects of the menu, while others are more for social networks and contact details.

The Yummy free theme uses translation tools for altering the language on your website and getting in touch with more individuals worldwide. This works perfectly if your business remains in a more wealthy location, where you do not wish to lose on customers even if they speak a various language. The free theme includes a custom-made background, in addition to a custom-made header. The custom-made logo design can be switched out within an immediate, and the included header image supports high-resolution pictures. The free theme runs as a two-column screen, however, you can also choose to have one column rather. Yummy offers a threaded remarks location for the blog. This is where your customers will talk about your posts. You can even chime in to thank individuals or respond to concerns. Together with footer widgets and a grid layout, the feature set from Yummy is quite outstanding.

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We have the Restaurante WordPress free theme, an elegant and extremely ranked option that you do not need to pay a cent for. As you can see we have a pattern with a few of these themes, given that this one also has a rather big header with text that you can modify on top of it. It’s recommended that you speak about your day-to-day menu, considering that you access areas for including images and discussing the meals to persuade individuals to come into the store. The responsive design snaps right into location when you’re using a smaller sized device, and the free theme is recommended for restaurants, barbecues, grill homes, Italian restaurants, junk food, pizzerias and more

Don’t hesitate to publish your logo design and favicon from the backend, and utilize the shortcodes to keep your distribute of the source code. The adjustable background and header both serve you well for branding functions, while the social networks and SEO tools are a few of the very best you can discover. Together with translation tools, threaded remarks and sticky posts, the Restaurante WordPress free theme can serve you rather well with simply a bit of imagination and effort. Oh yea, and you get some intriguing color options if you do not like the ones in the demo.

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Belise Lite


If you’re interested in a trendy and clean restaurant theme, and you do not wish to pay any money for it, we advise taking a look at the Belise Lite theme. It’s great for fancier restaurants, however, we cannot picture more casual locations having any difficulty with it either. The theme features great deals of the white area. For example, the header location has a white background where you can publish your restaurant’s telephone number and social networks links. There’s also a gorgeous menu for sending out folks to various pages like an online shop, About page, or the menu. The theme has a custom-made logo design location for submitting your logo design, and the homepage features a lovely header image with header text to state something about the menu or restaurant. We also like that there’s a button in the middle of the header to trigger customers to book a table. The clean and minimalist WordPress restaurant theme has a responsive design for it to deal with all mobile phones. The food menus also look amazing, enabling you to place images and prices. This food menu, in fact, deals with the Jetpack plugin.

Another factor this WordPress free theme sticks out is due to the fact that of the Events area. It works just like a blog, where you design a little page for each occasion, then the information of the occasion are displayed in an eat the homepage. In addition, the Belise Lite theme offers a gorgeous portfolio that also incorporates with Jetpack. I’m unsure exactly what a restaurant would utilize a portfolio for, however you may think about sharing all sorts of images from inside the restaurant. It does not always need to be for offering customers. The free theme also uses an integration with WooCommerce, assisting you to offer food online, or bookings, or product. The contact form integration guarantees that you remain in touch with all your customers, while the live customizer makes certain to enhance the design procedure. Lastly, the free restaurant theme enables translations, simply in case you have clients who speak various languages.

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With the FoodHunt WordPress free theme, you get an excellent solution with a few designs. The social networking buttons are certain to boost your internet presence, while the emblem resides in the center of the page, using a layout for grabbing attention. As you can see the stock vision is created for pizza restaurants, but you do not need to stay with that if you do not need to. The menu is right under the header, and you get a spot to get a Search tab if you are running a blog or if you need people to have the ability to look for items in your menu. Aside from that the FoodHunt free theme gives a header for high-resolution imagery.

The modern design and general flexibility of this backend is sufficient to give this one a try. Sidebars are possible if you do not want them, but they can be removed by you. Files are there for communication with all customers, while the comments keep the dialogue going after a blog article.

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Try out the Brasserie WordPress free theme if you are considering a solution that offers functionality for an internet store. The plan is strong and the vision is strong, but the feature comes which it is possible to integrate with WooCommerce. This means that you could sell anything from digital to products. By way of example, some restaurants such as selling products such as shirts. Others are currently posting cookbooks and other products which individuals can put in their Kindles and iPads. The fre etheme is totally responsive for when someone should look at your website on a device. You get access to social networking switches for building your online presence and getting people to talk about your restaurant online.

Another addition is the area on top that highlights your contact info. There is no reason so the Brasserie WordPress theme does of the lifting that hefty. You will also find a header image using overlaying text and a place that calls out customers to book reservations at your restaurant. The free theme has a width layout, so it takes off the room up. This is effective considering there is no reason. You are able to include your own logo and header, and the colors and Google Fonts work wonders for making and branding your website look how you want it. This is an impressive solution to give it a try. It’s free!

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The Restaurantz WordPress theme offers an elegant design, with a large header area in the top left-hand corner along with a customizable menu for directing people to the proper places on your website. The header is a one for displaying a vision of your food or the inside of your restaurant. You do have the chance to put buttons and text on the header, so in case you want to add a call to action. Bear in mind that you also have the capability to setup a booking system or an internet order system. These two would come in the form of a third party plugin, but the free theme is prepared for that functionality.

The custom wallpapers, logos, and colors come together to provide you with the greatest branding experience, and the clean and professional layout looks fantastic on mobile devices. We enjoy the free theme for more than restaurants, as individuals have been known to use it for cafes and food businesses. The Page Builder drag and drop editor forces the backend, so in the event that you want elements to set throughout the website, this may be a superior free theme for your business. The Restaurantz WordPress free theme supports the Food Menu setting from Jetpack, so showcasing the things from the menu of your day isn’t a problem. Though we like this theme for novices, it is worth noting that the API is available for all developers in case you want to get a bit creative and customize it.

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The Auberge free theme is still another free restaurant option that looks like it could be sold for a good $50. The header image takes up the vast majority of the display for a more modern appearance, while the social networking buttons in the top remove the need to go out and purchase or download a social networking pluginsaving yourself from slowing down your pages. The free theme is responsive for viewing on mobile devices, so if someone would like to book a reservation when coming home they could take their telephone and do. A blog is supplied, and it has a post format for adding variety to the layout. This blog is guaranteed to keep your customers in the loop, while also fostering your SEO.

The Beaver Builder page builder plugin is supported by the Auberge free theme, which makes it a lot easier for novices and advanced users to build pages and assemble content with drag and drop components. You can also create nested food selections by using the Jetpack plugin. This is free and it is considered one of the more dependable plugins. Recipes are possible with a different plugin, and you may find some markup on Google when you post recipes. It’s pretty apparent that most the performance on the Auberge theme comes from plugins you need to add later, but these are free and they turn your website into a restaurant platform.

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Restaurant and Cafe


With the Restaurant and cafe WordPress theme you’ll see a gorgeous fullscreen header area using overlaying text and a button to direct users elsewhere on your website. Visitors can scroll down to view content such as menus, food products, beverages, and the folks behind the scenes at the restaurant. The name of the free theme countries who it is for, as it would make sense for a restaurant or cafe to download this and use it for a website. This also includes businesses like bakeries, but we like it best to get a high-class restaurant. The free theme has a feature segment and a banner section. You can create a whole lot of posts or pages and feature them on the homepage. The About section is great for talking about the restaurant was. We also delight in this section. The Services section is helpful for a restaurant or cafe that caters to parties, and the Testimonials section gets people.

It would be challenging to run a restaurant website with no reservation module. That Restaurant and cafe have this built in. In this way, your customers can come to the website, select what time and how many individuals are coming and forget about calling to make a reservation. The restaurant Menu section is powerful for a simple free theme. Feel free to upload and share information about your food, beverages, and dessert. The blog is distinct from the homepage, but you can link to it. In terms of eCommerce, the Restaurant and cafe theme integrates with WooCommerce for uploading your products and selling them. Not all restaurants will do so, but it may be good for delivery or when selling a restaurant product. Along with being translation prepared and mobile-friendly, the Restaurant and cafe theme is well worth looking into.

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Dyad is by Automattic. So for the standards and safety is concerned, free themes by Automattic would be the ones in the world in this issue. The demo speaks for itself. It is clean, amazing and well considered. In fact, I am blown away with this theme’s layout, using the default posts that WordPress offers anyone could create such a restaurant WordPress free template.

Dyad is minimal and hassle-free. The facets of Dyad are: it’s balanced and clean, makes use of spaces, and you may highlight a few of your posts as a slider. Dyad displays graphics and words in equilibrium: text excerpt and a post picture get equal billing on the primary blog page, whereas single posts and pages size and position images based on the display size. The homepage shows a series of Featured Content using a Featured Image.

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Yet another Incredible Restaurant theme by Automattic. Canapé is a free theme designed for restaurants and food-related businesses looking for a timeless appearance. Showcase your food and beverage menu, while incorporating the OpenTable widget to offer easy online bookings.

The Canapé theme’s front page template presents a targeted welcome page to your customers, offering full-width featured pictures, a featured menu items department, and three widget locations.

The Canapé free theme is responsive, providing an adapted and beautiful reading experience across all devices, providing viewers easy access to the most important details regarding your business. You may wish to begin by placing a picture and persuasive message on your home page, and building your menu of dishes or products.

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Starting off we have a theme by the title of Bistro. It is brilliant, media-centric and it functions as a kid theme for the Sydney theme from aThemes. You’ll discover that the free theme is responsive that people take their telephones or tablets and see all your restaurant vision and menus. The free theme contains a customizer to see real-time results when making alterations on the backend. This eliminates the need to click on the Preview button each time you make an adjustment to your restaurant website. The translation nature of this Bistro free theme means that people from many different backgrounds can understand your menu, whereas the header module takes up the vast majority of the homepage.

What’s cool about the header image is that you are given a parallax effect, grabbing attention without slowing down your website. Moreover, it supplies overlaying text and buttons for sending people to places like your menu or blog posts. Scrolling down you will continue to see some of the parallax backgrounds, and modules complement these for inserting your own content. By way of instance, one of these is for describing everything about your restaurant, while another has your specials with images of their food and prices. Put your menu on the homepage also, and include testimonials from folks who have visited previously. Together with a gorgeous menu and a contact form, the Bistro WordPress free theme stands out.

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Receptar is simple, modern, responsive, high-DPI, fully customizable, trendy restaurant WordPress free theme. It includes split-screen book-like design inspired by a modern cookbook with a highlight on typography and imagery.

Receptar is quite a piece of artwork and perfect. As soon as you featured a picture for your posts, the free theme will look majestic. For beautiful and professional it will look your website will be loved by you. The menu icon is set at the top-side of this screen giving an image to produce an amazing and direct impression. Menu icon is followed by social icons that can help you connect to your social profiles. This can prove to be a game changer to uplift your restaurant business.

Supports Beaver Builder page builder and Jetpack plugin, Schema.org markup, Theme Hook Alliance action hooks, translation-ready code, front page slideshow, customizable colors, and other cool features. The free theme can be used with Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11.

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Kale is a stunning and feature-packed awesome free food blog WordPress theme. The free theme has a category grid layout. So, by dividing your different food items into different food class like Dinners, Desserts, Drinks etc., you can easily display them in a super clean and appealing manner. More layouts are supported for the category that increases the flexibility of this free theme.

Kale includes plenty of amazing features and is integrated with many plugins, this surely may be the restaurant theme that you’re searching for.

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Restaurant Lite


Restaurant Lite is a free restaurant WordPress theme that may make any kinds of Restaurant owners happy, may be used for restaurant, hotel, cafe, coffee shops, lodge, business, corporate and business websites. Restaurant Lite can be used with NextGengallery if a person would like to showcase menu items and gallery of food and other restaurant views etc in the gallery section. The free theme is mobile friendly.

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Running a coffee shop? If so, then this is the free theme for you, do not look. Running a bakery or a restaurant? Pique will serve these websites. And if you’re among these one-page scrolling website lover and the parallax background picture result, Pique has this all. The design with a background picture for each section with some transparency is sure to make your website stand out in the audience.

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Foodeez is free Restaurant WordPress Theme for Hotels and Food Business. Foodeez Lite is a fully responsive WordPress theme, exclusively designed for hotel, restaurant, high cook, chefs, café or coffee bar. Foodeez will amaze your customers with a display of your own recipes, culinary skills and food with a feeling. It has background picture with navigation that is floating. The parallax section gives your buyers the tempting and magical feel of lodging or your cuisines on offer. The theme also includes a booking form through which your customers can place bookings.

Foodeez is designed to offer a classy, elegant free theme for the hospitality industry and also to fill in the void for the best restaurant and gourmet free theme. Every restaurant or resort wants to showcase its ambiance and cuisines in a fashion and Foodeez does all for them. The Amazing Parallax section lets you showcase your”Super-Specialty Signature Dishes” or your”Dish of the Day”. If you”re a chef, a cook, cuisine guru, food expert, food fanatic, blogger, nutrition expert, diet planner, dietitian, recipe sharer, Fine Dining Lover, or just a food enthusiast, who want to share the love of food, then this free theme is just perfect for you. The blog page is clean and designed to amplify gourmet senses.

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A simple, clean theme for a popular café or bar blog website, with easy-to-digest looks and sumptuous post lists that combine readability with classic style. Great for giving your cafe or bar a lighter way to interact with your customers before they even arrive!

Perfetta WordPress free theme is perfect for food websites, restaurants or other intimate locations that like to stand out from the crowd and offer a lightweight, speedy and friendly site-experience for your visitors that’s sure to leave them hungry for more!

Installation is as easy as it comes. Sometimes, websites don’t need to be over-the-top and packed with features; sometimes simplicity is what you need. Perfetta strips away the fat and offers a blog-style layout in a clean, sophisticated layout and design with smooth reveal animations for an intriguing content view. If you want your visitors to focus on your content, then this is for you.

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VW Restaurant Lite


VW Restaurant Lite Theme is an excellent choice as a restaurant WordPress theme, being multipurpose and very functional which can suit any websites related to food and hotel business.

This design is excellent for bakery, cafes, fast food, pizzerias, and many others.

You can display on the website list of dishes, including their recipe and the price as well. The minimalistic, modern, interactive and phenomenal WordPress layout was built with the purpose to provide outstanding, intuitive site for the client and also perfect to fit for the restaurant.

This free theme has a lot of different codes included entirely for free. Also, it gives the opportunity for a great personalization using the secure and clean system.

In this free theme, you can find a convenient overview section where customers who appreciate your services can leave their feedback. On widely displayed pages there is a button “Call to Action” with a banner giving it an exceptional appearance. Also, this free theme for WordPress has optimization for SEO, thereby helping to keep the Website on top of search engines

Due to the tools of excellent integration with social networks, you may keep your target audience in some of the social networks, thereby increasing your popularity and scaling the business.

Since the free theme is built with bootstrap in its foundation, it includes a ready translation. Optimisation of codes permits you to load the page much faster, thereby improving customer experience.

Let’s not forget about mobile devices since the free theme is mobile-friendly, wherever you start it you will find an excellent visual and operational optimization.

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Restaurant PT


Restaurant PT it is an excellent WordPress Theme which goes as landing-page however practical sufficient which fits well for the restaurant business. In this free theme, you might rapidly show your menu with a description of the meals and their cost. Minimalism and simpleness of the website will help the customer to obtain an enjoyable experience from utilizing it.

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Counter is a modern looking, extremely adjustable, beautiful, clean, and totally free restaurant WordPress theme. It uses over 24 panels on the homepage which you can tailor and occupy with your very own content. The blog layout is also completely personalized and can be gotten used to showcase your article in numerous columns. Counter is also well recorded and supported. All the design components utilized by this free theme are expert and advanced.

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Italian Restaurant


The Italian Restaurant theme does not always need to be utilized for an Italian business, however, it definitely has a high-end design with assistance for great deals of images and stunning menu options. The modern and elegant theme is totally responsive for individuals to see all your menus on smaller sized devices. An effective appointment system comes bundled in with the free theme also, permitting customers to book tables at your restaurant.

The free theme consists of products like custom-made menus for connecting to your blog, menu, and appointment system. You get shortcodes for products like buttons and columns, together with complete width pages for any landing pages that might require more room. The customized colors are simple to alter around, and the customized background can be used for sharing a big picture of Italy, or anywhere you food originates from. The Italian Restaurant free theme also supplies settings for threaded remarks, columns, translations, and sticky posts.

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Greek Restaurant


We would suggest utilizing the Greek Restaurant theme for a real Greek facility. Any food might be offered through the free theme, however, the default design and colors look so darn Greek-like. The theme consists of a logo design in the middle of the header location, and you can publish images for the big slider. This is a responsive bootstrap free theme, and the light-weight design lets you accept appointments as well as go up in the online search engine since of the integrated SEO.

The custom-made background can be adapted to whatever you desire, however the default color begins as blue. The included images on the homepage can be utilized for revealing products from your menu, and the numerous columns are good for arranging the numerous meals on your menu. The translation tools might ultimately be found inconvenient, while the sidebars are great for placing widgets for social networks, food image galleries, and more. We also like that the free theme has actually threaded remarks.

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Chinese Restaurant


Now here’s a theme that’s produced those Chinese Restaurants out there. It has a special set of fonts and designs, which we like for all Asian restaurants. It’s another Twitter Bootstrap free theme, and you get the responsive components that snap into put on phones and tablets. I can see sushi bars liking the theme because you can share dishes, menus, and stunning pictures of the food. Not to discuss, you can change the languages for those who might not speak your native language.

The free restaurant appointment system turns this theme into more of a premium option. After all, among the primary products you would normally spend for is a booking system. In addition to that, the Chinese Restaurant free theme supplies custom-made headers and backgrounds, both of which integrate well with the colors and menus, making this a branding dream. You can also place several sidebars if required. Lastly, the Chinese Restaurant theme consists of other beneficial features like threaded remarks, flexible headers, and sticky posts.

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This totally free WordPress theme called Restaurateur is a classy, modern and enticing theme. Also, the primary focus is placed on versatility and responsiveness. For that reason, it offers possibilities for the user to modify both the content and free theme quickly. Fixed homepage templates with devoted widget locations, an optional plugin for simple menu management and lovely results are simply a few of a couple of fantastic and comprehensive features the free theme supplies.

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pRestro is a WordPress free theme that has a goal to the premium section of restaurants. Bootstrap 3 and CSS3 is the structure of pRestro. Also, the user interface is easy to use and cross-platform. This also enables any visitor to take pleasure in the beauty of the design even from a phone or tablet. The variety of amazing widgets appears like will help keep the customer’s attention with ease.

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The Resto WordPress theme has an elegant and responsive design for all restaurants and food organizations. The Jetpack customized food menu permits showing your menu products in an affordable fashion, and the spectacular image assistance implies that everybody who’s interested in your restaurant can see meals prior to being available in. The free theme is translation prepared, and it features custom-made CSS options for those who want to include some sophisticated customizations to the layout.

The innovative color options connect your color design to the logo designs, while the background image works well when you publish an image of the restaurant or among your meals. The several menu and header options help in inviting individuals to your website, and the innovative slider makes sure that you have an image discussion to display your meals, desserts, beverages, and more. Not to point out, you get products like “back to top” options and breadcrumbs to keep individuals on the best track.

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Clovemix restaurant WordPress theme has actually developed by flythemes. This free theme is specifically produced restaurant, coffee shop and bars and so on. However, for utilizing the free theme feature and designs, you can utilize it for any kind of business this theme has a lot of options so it makes extremely simple for a user to handle whatever. Clovemix theme has included great deals of feature like limitless colors, google fonts, slider settings and so on. This theme is finest WordPress free theme for your business to purchase it now and take your business to fly.

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Bakes and Cakes


Bakes and Cakes is a perfectly designed WordPress theme for Bakery website. The free theme is SEO friendly with enhanced codes, making it simple for your website to rank on Google and other online search engines. Bakes and Cakes include numerous features to make easy to use, interactive and visually sensational website. It has numerous helpful area such as testimonial area, Product area, about area, group area, banner, and Call to action area and so on. The theme is Woocommerce suitable. The free theme is carefully checked and enhanced for speed and faster page load time and has a safe and secure and clean code. The free theme is also translation all set. Designed with visitor engagement in mind, Bakes and Cakes helps you to quickly and intuitively create expert and attractive sites for your bakery, restaurant and coffee shop.

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Sunrise is a stunning totally free WordPress restaurant theme. With color matching and sophisticated design, Sunrise will attract your customers at the first blush. This free theme features easy to use features, it is not a huge offer for you to setup, custom-made logo design, menu, Google fonts, typography, and favicon. In addition, a series of sophisticated features are also incorporated into the Sunrise free theme such as: Built-in Pagination, Stats code supported, jQuery PrettyPhoto Lightbox. Specifically, the easy SEO feature will help your website get along with an online search engine.

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Best Restaurant


Best Restaurant is a clean and gorgeous, refined and feature-rich, robust and simple to utilize, totally responsive premium WordPress theme that is perfect for restaurant, café, bakery, food, junk food, pizzerias, beverages and food associated business. The free theme is packed with lots of pre-built web page areas to assist you to create an incredible modern one-page website without needing to compose a single line of code. The very best Restaurant totally free theme shows complete screen image banner, About United States area, Service Section, Recent Posts Section and Contact United States form in addition to Footer widgets. You have complete control consisting of a font, font size, color, button, an opacity of every open area. The theme is enhanced for fast loading and very responsive with different devices.

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WP Restaurant

WP Restaurant –free restaurant wordpress theme.png

WP Restaurant theme is a clean and expert restaurant WordPress free theme best for Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee home or any food business.

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LZ Restaurant


LZ Restaurant is a multipurpose WordPress theme established particularly for sites that handle coffee, café, cakes, bakery, food, dish, junk food, Chinese meals, and other restaurant organizations. This is the essential free theme for food critics and blog writers to develop gorgeous sites for bakery, barbecues, hotel, food joint, Italian restaurants, lodge, and grill homes. The clean restaurant theme is simply mobile responsive supporting all screen size devices.

The theme is so easy to use and quickly personalized that even if you aren’t an expert designer, you can deal with it. You get adequate of customization options to customize the theme into your option of appearance and look. The free theme has a classy banner, therefore, enabling you to feature your business in the very best way on the homepage itself. The testimonial area makes it more appealing as it shows the feedback offered by individuals who have actually visited your WordPress website. Moreover, the Call to action (CTA) button drives in an abundance of clicks providing an increase in list building. The restaurant theme is extremely interactive with a variety of pages to show spectacular meals! The various shortcodes keep you far from enjoying the source code.

The social networks integration eliminates the have to have extra social networks plugins. The SEO friendly nature of the free theme ensures to bring your website on top of the online search engine. Built on Bootstrap, utilizing enhanced codes, the theme is clean and exceptionally light-weight. Release you’re personal totally practical WP restaurant website with this incredible free theme now!

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Seos Restaurant


Seos Restaurant is clear, simple to personalize WP template. Seos Restaurant is a modern multi-purpose HTML5 theme with a responsive 2 column layout. The free theme consists of the most popular 29 social icons, sidebar custom-made width and sidebar position, custom-made images and frontpage boxes. is excellent for a restaurant, restaurant, paper, images, pictures, publishing, news, blog, business, portfolio or other editorial sites. To read more about the theme please go to the free theme page and check out the documentation.

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Food Store Restaurant


The free Food Restaurant WordPress Theme is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme which can be utilized for multipurpose food services such as restaurants, coffee shop, coffee bar, hotels, food joints, barbecues, grill homes, junk food restaurants, pizzerias, and so on. Also, It is valuable for the blog writers, food critics, lodge bakers to make sites for bakery, cakes shop, restaurant, Chinese meals, foods, dishes, Italian restaurants hospitality business and far more. Our interactive free theme is ecommerce (woocommerce suitable) our clean and responsive free theme has pages including the Call to Action Button (CTA) showed over appealing banners.

It has numerous customization options that can help you to make the areas much better such as the testimonial area, blog, and team page. Your website will not be able to rank on the SERP easily? You would require an SEO friendly theme; we provide you just the very best product in the business. Our theme will give you utmost presence to web spiders, therefore, bringing your website up in SERP. This free theme include unique social networks combinations. You can spread your website even on social networks by utilizing the social network’s tools present in our theme.

It is built on the structure of Bootstrap 4 with an excellent requirement of clean codes that fits well in the Meta variation of WordPress; thus you will not have any concerns concerning the responsiveness of your website. It is used safe and clean enhanced code combed with a mobile-friendly, easy to use design that offsets a gorgeous expert theme. Our animated free theme can be quickly tailored with the help of personalized tools and brief codes. It provides a much faster page load time and a fantastic user experience. The enhanced user experience will see your traffic boost, sensational appearance and incredible theme design will generate a growing number of traffic.

The theme is well geared up in handling the stated traffic and felt confident your business will grow. More traffic and audiences suggest more likelihood of getting sales. A free theme that’s attracting bulk if users and hold them in with its attractive yet helpful features and design. Yes, that is precisely what we are using you today.

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Bar Restaurant


Bar Restaurant theme is a high-quality WordPress theme designed specifically for Bars, Pubs and Restaurant sites. It is a quickly personalized free theme which utilizes WordPress customizer options for logo design, colors and so on. Bar Restaurant free theme is based upon twitter bootstrap thus it looks excellent in mobile, iPads and all other computer system devices.

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Get a premium theme

These free themes are great, but if you are looking for something higher quality, and you have $50 to create a professional website, check out our list of best premium Restaurant WordPress themes.

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